Bosch Italia The power of influencers

Between organized the 10th Bosch Global Coordination Meeting, hold in Turin on 4th and 5th February 2019. Given the importance of the event in imagining and setting the brand strategies and future horizons,Between chose to invite influencer Seb Delanney to give a speech on how and to what extent the digital environment is impacting the automotive industry. Seb Delanney began his career at 16, posting a video of a friend’s Aston Martin on YouTube. The video got more than 10,000 views in two days. From there his fame took off, and today Seb tells about his passion for cars on social networks through travels and adventures. To date, his YouTube channel has more than 210,000 subscribers, while on Instagram there are more than 270,000 followers. The success of the conference, which Seb broadcasted live on his Instagram account, is testified by the more than 100,000 views around the world, and by an exemplary figure: in less than an hour more than 600 people started following the Bosch Italia account.