GFG Vision 2030 A 360° presentation

Vision 2030 is the latest concept car developed by GFG Style, company founded in 2015 by the famous designers Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro to carry out research and experimentation in the automotive field. Vision 2030 is a full-electric Hyper SUV, inspired by the green energy transition project of Saudi Arabia, to which it dedicates its own colors. The product video made by Between, in addition to enhancing the vehicle’s innovative design, also highlights another very important aspect: flexibility. Vision 2030 is capable of great performance on all types of terrain, from snow-capped mountains to dry dirt roads, without forgetting the actual track. Thanks to a modular narrative structure, divided into several acts coinciding with the different settings, and to a very tight editing, the video allows you to extrapolate numerous mini-clips of varying duration to be used on social networks or for specific promotional purposes.