Santa Margherita Wines Extraordinary women

#ExtraordinaryWomen is the digital communication campaign that Between created for Santa Margherita Wines, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2019. A social storytelling activity, starting with Instagram, to promote the Sparkling Rosé Santa Margherita, combined with the Corporate Social Responsibility project of Santa Margherita Wines, which had as final recipient of the campaign Pangea Onlus, an association that since 2002 has been dealing with issues relating to human and women’s rights, with a focus on the prevention of violence and discrimination. The campaign illustrated Sparking Rosé and the three different grape varieties that characterize it through an unconventional narrative, involving three influencers with a different but complementary visual approach: Lucia del Pasqua, Petunia Ollister and Artemisia, who were the protagonists of a video clip and a dedicated photo shoot. The campaign received an honorable mention at the 2019 Social Creative Awards.